Catherine Bernard Responds to AJC re: Ethics

Catherine Bernard Responds to AJC re: Ethics

More transparency in all matters relating to government is always a good thing, so I appreciate the opportunity to provide more information on my campaign disclosure reports. Here are the complete breakdowns of the aggregated reimbursements that appear on my 2014 filings, and end recipient designations for two 2016 reimbursements. I’m always prepared to account for every cent of the money entrusted to me by my supporters, and take seriously the responsibility of stewarding it for the intended purpose of promoting accountable, limited government.

While the law does not require me to take action at this time, since this complaint was filed within 30 days of an election, I will be filing amended reports with this information by next week.


For those who may have seen an inaccurate reporting of my response to this complaint: the complaint itself was garbage. Vitriolic, dishonest, and full of inaccurate and inappropriate statements about my candidacy – this was not the work of a concerned transparency advocate seeking to have the truth come out. It was the work of yet another out-of-district political careerist who cares about getting a personal friend elected regardless of what is best for the district. That he was one of those who publicly mocked me after my office was broken into last summer, the day before the special election, makes the conduct all the more appalling.

But it did give me the opportunity to provide additional information on expenditures, and a window into the desperate tactics of those who view politics as a professional goal vs. a tool for effecting policy that serves our communities. I pledge to continue working to minimize the impact these opportunists have on the interests of HD80, and to be completely transparent about the campaign process.