Catherine Receives Law Enforcement Endorsement

My name is Tom McCain. I’m writing this endorsement of Catherine Bernard as a State Representative for several reasons.

I am a retired Air Force Master Sergeant who has lived in 5 States and 3 countries. I have known literally thousands of people, some fake, some complacent and a few who are passionate and transparent. Catherine falls into the latter category.

I am also a retired Georgia Peace Officer. I spent my whole LE career as a Deputy Sheriff. I retired as the Chief Deputy of Johnson County. I’ve spent a lot of time in court. I’ve watched a lot of attorneys. Catherine is one of the best. Her knowledge of the laws of Georgia, combined with her passion for Liberty and Justice make her a formidable criminal defense attorney.

I met Catherine as we were both getting involved in the David Hooks case in Laurens County. Much has been written about that and I’ll let you do your own research. Catherine immediately impressed me and she has been a true advocate for justice in this senseless police killing, which is still unresolved.

Catherine tackles everything she does with energy, conviction and passion. I have followed her efforts in the Legislature as she fought passage of bad bills and championed passage of good ones. I have gotten involved in her non-profit organization Spartacus Legal Foundation. I can think of no better person to represent Georgians in the House of Representatives than Catherine Bernard.