How I became a Republican

In 2012, I was elected to represent Georgia’s 12th Congressional district as a delegate to the Republican National Convention. In my nomination speech, I briefly outlined the political history that had brought me to that point – I grew up in a liberal-leaning college town and generally accepted the idea that government intervention was a reliable method for improving people’s lives. Though never an active Democrat, I did vote for President Obama in 2008 on the premise that a constitutional law professor promising to reduce the debt was probably a better choice than someone who promised more expensive wars. But when I became a public defender in 2009, it was like the scales fell from my eyes! I finally understood what Reagan meant when he said that the scariest words in the English language are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Working with the poorest and most vulnerable Georgians showed me how well-intentioned government programs produce dependency and progressively worsening outcomes.

So yes, it’s true that as a first year litigation associate I voted for President Obama in 2008. It’s actually been quite the asset since I became a Republican – no one can accuse me of wanting the president to fail from the beginning, or being a racist, or any of those other excuses used to undermine legitimate criticism of his massive expansion of government. And there’s plenty of legitimate criticism to be made! I’ve been busy making those criticisms since 2009, and working hard in the Republican Party* to bring conservative, limited government principles to the forefront. It’s working here in Brookhaven because we’ve been able to see the costs of unaccountable government – like with the Redevelopment Powers Law pushed by the ex-mayor that would have expanded debt and eminent domain, and the ethical challenges.

On July 14th, Republicans have a choice to make: an honest, transparent conservative activist who has already built bipartisan coalitions to protect constitutional rights under the Gold Dome while being active in the Georgia Republican Party on a statewide level, or someone who proudly posts praise from President Obama on Facebook in 2015 while presiding over tremendous ethical lapses in our fair city?

To continue spreading the message of conservative, limited government principles, we have to make sure our message can effectively convert people – and many of the greatest Republicans, like Reagan, started out in the other party. Don’t let my honesty about 2008 keep you from supporting the most committed Republican in the HD80 race.

Since becoming a Republican activist, here are some of the activities Catherine has been engaged in:

2012 Republican National Convention, Delegate
North DeKalb Republican Women, President
DeKalb Young Republicans, Membership Chair
Georgia Republican Party, Candidate for 1st Vice Chair
Republican Liberty Caucus, 12th District Chair & 6th District Vice-Chair
12th District Georgia Republican Party, Executive Committee Member
Laurens County Republican Party, Precinct Chair
Frederick Douglass Republican
Republican National Lawyers Association
Founder of Spartacus Legal, a non-profit that seeks to uphold constitutional rights
2014 candidate for Georgia State Representative House District 80
Member of the Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce
Member of the North Atlanta Rotary Club
Chair of Brookhaven Redevelopment Referendum Committee