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Fiscal Conservatism

Don't spend more than we have, stop treating the budget as sacrosanct no matter how blatantly wasteful, stop depending on an ever-increasing amount of federal money to comply with the balanced budget provision of the Georgia Constitution. People make better decisions about their own money than about other people's money.


Free markets

Stop bribing businesses to come to locations that are already highly desirable. Government doesn't need to be in the business of picking winners and losers — we expand choice and maximize opportunity when we allow people the economic freedom to choose their own direction. That's why farmers markets and the nationally-recognized restaurants on Buford Highway are classic examples of capitalist success.



The most important function of government; to deter and punish criminal behavior. Overcriminalization and militarization are eroding public safety and legitimacy at a frightening rate. We need to rein in big government and hold government employees accountable for their behavior. The goal is a constitutional society that protects life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — when government policies impede that goal, we should stop spending so much money on them.


Brookhaven Redevelopment Referendum Committee

In 2014, Catherine founded and led the Brookhaven Redevelopment Referendum Committee, a group formed to defeat the Redevelopment Powers Law referendum. If passed, the RPL would have eliminated the Georgia Constitution's restriction on debt (that all debt incurred by cities and counties must be approved by a voter referendum) and expanded eminent domain. The RPL was defeated 60-40%. For more on this victory for the taxpayers and residents of Brookhaven, see


Personal responsibility and human dignity

Programs intended as safety nets have become permanent traps for generations. HD80 is a prosperous area, but there is more and more dependency on these entitlement programs throughout the state. We need fair, sustainable policies that respect people's right to keep their own money and choose voluntary charity for deserving cases.


Health care

We need to return decision-making to doctors and patients rather than politicians and insurance companies. Expanding access to care through free market reforms. Reform the certificate of need process and reduce legal barriers to the provision of care. Focusing on health care, vs. health insurance, produces better outcomes.


Rule of law

It should not be acceptable, ever, for a legislator to admit to not having read and fully understood each and every law s/he has voted for. Separation of powers should be adhered to, with each branch of government understanding and exercising its role as a check on the other two.


Pink Pony

Catherine has been active in community issues regarding businesses and property rights since moving to Brookhaven. Here, she writes about the law and political manuevering behind the efforts to legislate the Pink Pony out of existence.

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  • I met Catherine in 2014 while she was canvassing our Brookhaven neighborhood. She came to our house and we spent about 30 minutes discussing her vision for our community. I was very impressed with her enthusiasm and ideas for improving the district. She has remained in constant contact since that day and has stayed steady in her beliefs for our future.

    Her views and accomplishments in the following areas are very important for the success of Brookhaven and the HD80 district:
    · Defeating the Redevelopment Powers Law referendum
    · Fiscal Conservatism
    · Health Care: Returning decision making to doctors and patients
    · Free Markets

    I strongly endorse Catherine Bernard for State Representative in the General Assembly for the 80th District.


    Drew Kirkley, Brookhaven

    Drew Kirkley Endorses

    Drew Kirkley Endorses Catherine Bernard

    Drew Kirkley

  • Catherine Bernard is a force to be reckoned with. She is smart, deliberate, consistent, and honest. It’s what makes her so refreshing if not entertaining to speak to.

    As a resident of House District 80, I value responsible stewardship of our resources. We have a lot to offer the state geographically and financially, and we should have a large say in how our resources are spent in the name of development that will end up benefiting the metro area as well as the state.

    Our unique, burgeoning area requires prudent representation. We need someone representing our district who is able to withstand the woo of special interests and stay the course despite well-meaning offers by allies to move up in the ranks. Catherine’s aspirations are to do well in the position she holds. This isn’t a stepping stone for her nor is it a feather in her cap at the end of her career. This is devotion to the task at hand, something her career as a public defender has trained her to not just do, but love doing.

    You can evaluate her character based on where she’s been. She doesn’t hide from truth and, in fact, she celebrates it even if it is uncomfortable. She has a great ability in many areas which sets high expectations for what she’s capable of accomplishing. Most importantly, she is devoted to the Constitution. This tells us, the voters, the direction in which she will take us and the rules by which she will abide.

    It is true that stewarding such a vibrant district in a prohibitive way can have lasting negative impacts on infrastructure and community life, but stewarding it in a reckless way in the name of progress poses an even greater risk to its residents. The interests of HD80 residents should be paramount to all others in the eyes of their representative, and Catherine is the balance our district wants and badly needs. Having Taylor Bennett, a progressive Democrat, represent the thriving economic areas of Sandy Springs and Brookhaven is nothing short of tragic, but we have past Republicans to thank for it. If you want conservative representation, Catherine is, without a doubt, the only Republican in this race who can beat Taylor Bennett in November. Vote for Catherine Bernard to defend the interests of HD80 residents.

    Caroline Jameson, HD 80

    Caroline Jameson

  • I met Catherine several years ago at a liberty event with Yaron Brook as the speaker. I’ve attended and helped organize her fundraisers (Steve’s Live Music) as well as participating in the Brookhaven Bolt and other meetings. I went canvassing twice and passed out flyers on many occasions at various political conventions. I’ve met incredibly appreciative clients that she has represented.

    After getting to know her, I was (and still am) thrilled that she has chosen to represent me and all constituents in my district (HD80). This is not a glamorous or thankful job. It takes someone with a genuine concern for our individual liberties to pursue such a path. Catherine has proven herself time and time again by holding politicians accountable during public forums. She is sharp, determined, and refuses to waiver in light of common political establishment (big government) pressures. She stands firm as a champion of liberty with the utmost regard for strong character and ethical actions aimed at keeping down taxes and ensuring our individual liberties are maintained.

    Most of us are weary of politicians in general but I can honestly say that I trust Catherine to make decisions in our best interest to secure the freedom philosophy that our founding fathers worked so tirelessly to create so we can prosper not only as a state but as a people for generations to come. There is a reason that her opponents refuse to debate her; but oh how I wish they would, as it would be a fantastic opportunity for the world to witness first hand the essence of what a true representative government would (and should) look like!

    Marianna Brashear – Atlanta, GA

  • “Catherine has my full support in her effort to win this seat. I have given her my strongest endorsement. I believe that she is a person of character personally, I think that she is a person of accomplishment professionally, and those things combined with her skills with legislative matters and her devotion to doing what’s right and always for people that have less than her. And her ability to have made the relationships that she has made, that I think will bring great attention and the necessary resources to her district. That is why I would like to endorse Catherine for her contest for House District 80.”

    Chamblee City Councilman Thomas Hogan, District 3

  • I have lived in the Brookhaven/Sandy Springs area for 46 years. I grew up here. I’ve raised my children here. Three generations of my family have lived here. A few years ago I organized the neighborhood to fight the City of Atlanta for drying up our streams with that huge sewage tunnel. Before that I organized neighbors to stop the Fulton County commission from putting a massive four lane bridge over Nancy Creek on Windsor Parkway. I’m not a politician. In fact, I can’t stand most politicians. But I’d like to tell you about my friend, Catherine Bernard, who cares as much about our community as I do.

    Catherine truly understands republican principles of smaller government, such as lower taxes and reduced regulation that will allow Georgia’s economy to grow. Best of all, she is NOT owned by anyone. She will vote in the legislature for our interests – the citizens of House District 80, not how she is TOLD to vote by special interests and big Party bosses.

    There’s a lot of special interest money and Big Party Machine money supporting Catherine Bernard’s opponents, and that money has been used to lie about Catherine. They will say they told the truth, but if you distort the truth it’s still a lie. To me that lacks character. Why are they lying about Catherine Bernard? They’re lying because she won’t be under their control. She’ll be under ours – the voters. Don’t believe the lies.

    What I like best about Catherine Bernard is that she genuinely cares about people. Get to know Catherine, and you will be as impressed as I am.

    Robert Wilson – Sandy Springs, Georgia

  • As a lifelong Republican, I’m supporting Catherine Bernard for State Representative. Catherine is the only candidate with a solid track record of service to Republican causes, from being a National Delegate to the 2012 nominating convention to serving as a volunteer and leader in the Georgia Republican Party. In the Fall of 2014, she stopped a referendum that would have increased debt, traffic congestion, and over-development in Brookhaven. I trust Catherine to fight hard against the progressive Democrat agenda and be the watchdog we need to protect our property and businesses from increased taxes and federal mandates. Please join me in voting for Catherine Bernard on May 24th.

    Dr. Randy Berinhout, MD of Sandy Springs

  • I am a special disabled Army veteran of the Gulf War Era, a former Arabic and German Electronic Warfare Signals Intelligence (EW-SIGINT) linguist, a native of Brookhaven and District 80.

    I first met Catherine on Facebook when I was concerned about my mother, who has terminal colon cancer as well as a DPD genetic deficiency that prevents her from taking the standard chemotherapy treatment. I was discussing why Georgia needs to pass medical marijuana legislation to help people like her in her condition.

    The next time I met Catherine, she was canvassing for the District 80 seat in a 2014 primary. What amazed me about Catherine at that time was her staunch defense of liberty and our Constitution. At that point, as I became even more familiar with her political ideology, I began to see that she held sacred the values and sacrifices that veterans such as myself hold dear and swore an Oath to defend.

    I have read about the countless cases where she defended those who were wrongly accused by law enforcement and who would have otherwise not have had a truly fair chance to defend themselves. She helped those, regardless of their political inclinations, who could not help themselves. I have watched her work hard to develop herself as a litigator, a public servant, and an informed citizen. I feel that Catherine’s example as a Public Defender solidified my faith and trust in her as a candidate.

    What impresses me most about Catherine is not that she is fearless; I don’t think anyone is. What impresses me about her is that even when the odds are stacked against her, and even when others would sell-out their principles to allay their own fears of achieving their own ends, she, despite fear that any real person would feel in those moments, did the right thing for others anyway and that is the definition of personal courage, bravery, and selfless service.

    She restored some faith that I had long ago lost about politics. She demonstrates character, competence, and courage, and she honors us veterans with her own personal sacrifice. Her example makes me want to be a better citizen, and that, I believe, is a feeling that had been depressed by the pretenders in politics we have had for so long here.

    I cannot express to my fellow citizens, just how strongly I support Catherine’s campaign, and how strongly I encourage you to vote for her. I think Georgia deserves at least one honest Representative, and I think if your search your heart, you do, too.

    Jonathan (“J.R.”) Charlton, Brookhaven

  • “Catherine tackles everything she does with energy, conviction and passion. I have followed her efforts in the Legislature as she fought passage of bad bills and championed passage of good ones. I have gotten involved in her non-profit organization Spartacus Legal Foundation. I can think of no better person to represent Georgians in the House of Representatives than Catherine Bernard.”

    Tom McCain, Retired Air Force Master Sergeant

  • “Not afraid to take a stand or clean up a mess… We need a ‘watchdog.’ We need Catherine Bernard.”

    Tom Reilly

  • “Unlike some who act out of selfish needs, Catherine Bernard has proven she truly cares about others by donating her time and talents to help those in need. As the next State Representative of House District 80, she will earnestly represent the people’s interests, not the interests of political insiders who only seek to benefit themselves.”

    Debbie Harris-Staver

  • “I am proud to endorse Catherine Bernard to represent us in House Dist. 80. No one has worked harder to understand all the issues facing our new cities. She is an effective, ethical leader for our area. With her honesty and integrity, she will deliver an open and accountable government for us.”

    Tochie A. Blad, Sandy Springs Community Member

  • “She has her own practice. Public defender.. And yes, she’s been known to rattle a few cages. Mainly, because Catherine is on the receiving end of crappy/ineffective bills. Her experience affords her a view into what illegitimate, half baked bill writing and back alley passing will get you. She’s not afraid to call it for what it is with regard to liberties, but she’s more than capable of reaching across that aisle to persuade others to get on the right side of their servitude. Love it.”

    Monica Matthews, Author

  • I have known Catherine for several years now. She is the most “Dedicated to Freedom” young person I have ever met. She is very, very articulate, educated & TIRELESS. She is an attorney that mainly works to help people that are being ‘railroaded’ by Government.

    She fights the effects of Government Corruption EVERY DAY.  SHE CANNOT BE BOUGHT.  Catherine founded the Brookhaven Redevelopment Referendum Committee – this committee successfully opposed Brookhaven’s Redevelopment Powers Law that would have increased debt, eminent domain, and over-development – it was defeated 60-40% in Nov. 2014.

    She is running against Alan Cole & Meagan Hanson. Alan came out of nowhere and has done nothing of any significance. He did claim to be a life-long heavily involved Republican. Well, I have only missed ONE Republican Meeting in 7 years and I never saw or heard of him!  Then, it turns out the Voted Democrat in 2000-02-04-06-08.  He claims he voted Democrat to get rid of Cynthia McKinney.  Well Alan, many of us did – ONCE – that was all it took to get rid of her.

    Meagan Hanson has never done anything of significance other than be involved with the Young Republicans. Most importantly, she has been to many Republican Events – But, she was always ‘Closely Chaperoned’ by at least one of the ‘Establishment Operatives’. I never heard her speak – EVER, not even to people like me – if they were known to represent Honesty in Govt or Freedom – apparently, her friends don’t like that kind of thinking.

    The Establishment Politicians are SCARED TO DEATH of Catherine too. They know she will smoothly & legally SERIOUSLY DAMAGE their Gravy-Train.

    Dick Anderson

  • “Georgia needs fresh minds, talent, enthusiasm, and passionate conviction is our future leadership. I want you to remember the acronym “BAU” – “Business As Usual” – I for one have had my fill of “BAU.” “BAU” is why Georgians are being held back from honest and fair developments, optimized transportation improvements, educational excellence, and expedited fiscal recovery. Catherine Bernard is no novice to Jurisprudence or Governmental affairs. She is intimately aware of the impact that some development authority organizations and their self serving agendas have on the Georgia Tax Payer. Catherine Bernard is not merely a “special election/she’ll have to do” candidate; she is equipped with long-term vision amidst a State House bogged down in short sighted stagnation. You folks in the 80th send a message that “Business as usual won’t do.”

    Rev. L.W. Gainey

  • “Catherine Bernard: Thank you so much for looking after the welfare of the people. While there is darkness all-around, we can always count on Catherine to be our guiding light to keep us off the stormy rocks a head.”

    Rocky Hanes, Writer and Novelist

  • “I agree with Amy Barnes and many others – Catherine Bernard in the Georgia House would benefit us all as she would not cave-in to political pressure; she would stand for limited government, the Constitution, YOUR rights, and common sense. I am not spewing rhetoric. I have observed her in action and heard her testify before several committees – she should be a Representative so that she has the authority to help us all! Please pass along, share with those who are in her House District for the July 14 Special Election and please contribute to her campaign!”

    David Delugas, Attorney

  • “It seems like every time the Republicans under the Gold Dome (not exclusive of my representatives) try to screw us, she is there to put them on the grill in the most accurate, definitive, eloquent, professional, and undebatable manner I’ve ever seen. I think she works for the law firm that Jeanne Stevens (of Judge Jeannie TV show) retired from. We need her to lead the sheep there that think they are shepherds. She can lead them and will help keep them honest; a hard row to hoe. Make it happen.”

    Christian Owens Stephens, Pharmaceutical Sales Executive

  • “This week tell 3 people about Catherine Bernard. Ask them if they know of someone who is more competent or with a brighter future in the HD 80 race. Ask them if they know of someone more authentic. Tell them she hustles around the state every day representing people who don’t have a voice in our judicial system. Then tell them she’ll represent the people who don’t have a voice under the Gold Dome. Tell them her work is exactly like State House representation. She juggles law, court rooms and trial calendars everyday. Her opponents won’t understand the very laws we will ask them to vet. Tell them she represents all of us. It’s the final month. The momentum is turning in her favor. It’s time to step up the pace! Campaign for her like the election is tomorrow. Of the 3 people you tell ask all of them to put a sign in their yard. We got this.”

    Chadwick J. Boles, CFP